Product Description

Processed hygienically and produced through contract farming & sorted in computerized sorter and de-stoner, Moittry Basmati Rice is aged for a year to bring out the delicate fragrance and sweet taste of the long-grained rice that is perfect for the family. A healthier choice for the modern age, Moittry Basmati Rice has a lower glycemic index compared to other long grained rice available. Moittry Basmati Rice is low in fat and cholesterol free, and perfect to choose to celebrate any special occasion.

The delicate aroma and smooth pearl white extra long grains of Moittry Basmati Rice helps to  elevate meals from ordinary to extraordinary. Impress your guests and family members with the delectable taste of Moittry Basmati Rice by preparing Biryani, Pulao, Firni, Kher, Khichuri and Plain Rice.




Rice Grade: Indian Basmati Rice


Product Features:

  1. Premium quality Basmati Rice.
  2. Perfectly aged for one year.
  3. Extra long grain white rice.
  4. Rich aroma and great flavor.
  5. Ready for cooking.
  6. Perfect for Biryani, Pulao, Firni, Kher, Khichuri and Plain Rice.
  7. Comes in Premium Blue Packaging.
  8. Lower glycemic index.
  9. Net weight 1 kg.
  10. Product of India.


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