Product Description

Moittry Puffed Rice or Muri is produced from the BR-16 Rice which is considered as the best quality “Muri Making Rice ”. As a result, Moittry Puffed Rice is light, crunchy and easily digestive. You can use Moittry Puffed Rice for various purposes, as a morning breakfast, and evening snacks as well. It is processed, and packed in a controlled environment to prevent any risk of contamination.



Rice and sodium chloride.


Product Features:

  1. Moittry Puffed rice is made from the best quality BR-16 Rice (Best Rice for making Puffed Rice).
  2. It is hygienically packed with modern technology.
  3. Product of Bangladesh.
  4. Premium Quality.
  5. It is light, crunchy and easily digestive.
  6. Combined innovatively with vegetables, chickpeas, chanachur (namkeen), dry fruits, savouries, sauces, and turn it into a healthy snack.
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